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Established 2011




Our goal as a community is to rescue and protect animals used for food, abandoned or mistreated; from seizures, farms or calls from individuals. In our farm we live with more than five hundred refugees. A life project, to generate respect and awareness for the world: for the land we step on and for all the beings with whom we share it.


In 2010 we founded the Shelter La Candela; where we welcomed more than 500 dogs and cats for about three years. We were living in different locations from Sierra Norte in Sevilla to Los Alcores. In 2013 we expanded our activity to Sanctuary and began to live the most enriching experience of our lives: to share with all our partners on earth, regardless of the species. Since then hundreds of inhabitants have arrived: pigs, horses, birds, rodents, cows and bulls, sheep, goats, deer... A large family that lives in harmony. During 2018 we have experienced a beautiful merger process with La Pepa Sanctuary,which was based in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) before merging. Since then we live with more than six hundred non-human animals in the municipality of Puebla del Rio: in the Natural Park of Doñana.

How we finance

We have never received any subsidies, from the beginning. Our experience with the administration has never worked out and for years we have been feeling helpless before the injustice that the law proposes continuously towards non-human animals. We manage to cover the expenses that are generated every month thanks to the generosity of partners, sponsors and occasional collaborators: with their solidarity they give us the tools to save the lives of hundreds of animals. Fundraising campaigns for veterinary expenses, sale of solidarity products, events, talks and conscious activities are some of our fundraising tasks. Our ability to act is directly connected to the help we receive: that is why it is never enough, given the absolute lack of protection that animals suffer in this society.


La Candela